Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Trust Me...

I see this actual ad on several large well known websites as I surf around...including The Weather Channel's, Weather.Com. Every time I encounter the ad I have to wonder what kind of creative process went into it.

Did a focus group of Madison Avenue Ad guru's sit around musing what graphic they could use to go with a mortgage ad. "Let's see now, in these tough times, what visually depicts safety and security in a home loan? I've got about a picture of someone who looks likes Charles Manson. Great idea, who doesn't love and trust Charlie Manson".

Was that it...or are they just dopes? I think the later. I know I personally never do business with a company using Charles Manson as their logo.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Up and Coming..

Darby Ledbetter is an up and coming new talent in Nashville, he's also a Warrant Officer in the Tennessee National Guard. These two occupations have converged for Darby and he's now the singing spokesman for the Guard nationally. Oh yeah, and he's from Midland. We're planning on a visit from him when he returns from Iraq this fall.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dog Gone It....that's interesting

As I was processing 100's of basketball photos Wed. night, I caught most of an interesting science program, The Human Spark, on Basin PBS. The show explored the evolutionary similarities and differences between human reasoning abilities and those of the great apes [gorillas, chimps and orangutans]. The show focused on decades of intense research, mainly at the Max Plank Institute. Amazingly the concrete reasoning abilities of the apes was at least as good as young human children and sometimes better. But the apes fell far short in connecting abstract relationships.

An example of abstract thinking pointed out by one scientist was the simple act of a human pointing at something. Even very young children made the connection that pointing at something meant to look in the direction for something of significance or meaning. But after 10 years of experiments, the apes just don't get it. And with intensive training....they could not be taught to do so. A pointing human finger may as well be a banana.

But, the scientist pointed out, there is one, and only one, animal species that gets the message of pointing. And that is.....the modern dog. Alan Alda, the host, seemed amazed and asked why this is. The scientist pointed out that other wild canines such as wolves and coyotes in captivity don't exhibit this trait and can't be taught, so it must be that modern dogs, having lived and working with humans for at least 10,000 years have had this genetically imprinted on them as a useful tool. She pointed out that some dogs naturally do this, but almost all the dogs they worked with could be taught fairly quickly to look where a human is pointing.

A special bond indeed.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Catastrophe: Al Gore comments..

Smithville, Tenn [AP]:

Former Vice President and Leading World's Expert Al Gore has issued the following statement. "Friends, supporters and neighbors in our global village, after evaluating recent weather trends, considering "cooked" climate data and noting that my 100 ft. houseboat, CO II is frozen to the pier, I want to emphasize that I stand by my recent predictions for a global climate catastrophe; with one exception. I believe that my comments have been misinterpreted. What I have meant to say is that we are all about to freeze to death unless something is done now!

Recent studies have shown that Polar Bears are now on the outskirts of Montreal, eating small Canadian children and the elderly. Glacial activity and blizzards nearly caused me, Al Gore, to perish while at the Environmental Conference in Copenhagen Denmark. I'm Al Gore I would not decieve you!! With the future of our planet, and my houseboat, at stake I urge you to drive around aimlessly. With your help we can produce a carbon dioxide shield that will once again warm our planet

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Dear Al......

Dear Al Gore, where can I get me some of that Global Warming? I'm freezin' to death out here. And don't worry about the glaciers melting a little. A new one is forming on my roof.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Why I'm Freezing.....

If you get away from the frenzied dialogue of Global Warming, you probably know that the earth has been warming and cooling it's entire life. From the founder of The Weather Channel, an explanation.